Privex’s CryptoToken Converter Documentation

This documentation is for CryptoToken Converter, an open source project developed by Privex Inc. for simple, anonymous conversion between two cryptocurrencies / tokens.

You can find the full source code for the project on our Github

It allows for both uni-directional and bi-directional conversions between user specified coin pairs, whether that’s BTC->LTC, or LTC->LTCP (Litecoin to Pegged Litecoin token).

Using CryptoToken Converter, you can easily operate services such as crypto <-> token gateways, as well as token <-> token and crypto <-> crypto.

Out of the box, CryptoToken Converter comes with two Coin Handlers:

Every “coin pair” has an exchange rate set in the database, which can be either statically set for pegged tokens, or dynamically updated for conversions between two different cryptos/tokens.